I haven’t gotten around to writing about the thyroid yet, but this article tells you a lot about it.

You might be thinking: “Why would I have a thyroid problem?”

thyroidWell, you are constantly ingesting a chemical called Bromide (should be called a 4-letter word). Yes, Bromide, a chemical in almost every American food, is banned in every other developed country (and even in most developing countries) is allowed here in the U.S. And you have eaten a lot of it because it is labeled as “enriched flour”. Yes, Congress gave the food industry the right to call the poison called Bromide “enriched flour”.

“Enriched flour” or Bromide, is in almost everything you eat. It’s used in almost all breads, cakes, gravies, sauces.

So, you’re wondering why I’m going on about Bromide, well, this chemical mainly attacks the thyroid. And the thyroid is the organ that decides whether you’re going to be fat or skinny. If you’re thyroid’s messed up, you CAN’T lose weight no matter what you do. (Know that feels?)  Yep, me too. Here’s a link to Bromide on Wikipedia.

Anyway, the point is that there’s a very good possibility that Bromide (which has been used in bread since 1906 in the U.S.) has done something to your thyroid. Be thankful that Bromide has only made you fat because it also causes thyroid cancer 😦

Here are some symptoms of thyroid problems: 12 Subtle Symptoms of a Thyroid Problem…