The below is from a Lipedema sufferer. It’s really scarey!

About eight years ago, I was getting into  a bathtub and noticed that my feet up to about mid-calf were red and stayed red.  My heart lurched.

I had noticed this symptom before but always after a shower so I blamed it on shower heat.  Through the past eight years, this condition has remained unchanged–though the red socks appear and disappear at random.

This image is from a Lipedema blog called “Well Rounded Mama”

One of the guys came up to me … and said, “Remember Tonya?  She died this morning.  I don’t know what  could have killed her.  When I dated her she was healthy except that her legs were red up to about her calf.”

Of course, I knew Tonya.  She was heavy, ostricized, and frustrated.  “What happened, Dennis?”

“Well, she went to the ER four times last night.  Her left leg was swelling and getting a rash.  Her temperature climbed too.  Three times the ER sent her home.  The fourth time they kept her.  She died this morning.”

Immediately I knew that she had died from sepsis.  Lipedema sufferers must be aware of the possibility of infection in their legs.

This emergency situation is comparable to a diabetic going into insulin shock. The only difference?  ER staff … are not even psychologically trained to provide medical care for lipedema women.  So, Tonya was sent home. 

How many times had she sought medical attention?  How many times had she been tested?  How many times did a doctor say: “You have fibromyalgia.”

She will be the second lipedema sufferer I have seen die from lipedema complications this year.


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