Today I want to tell you about a lecture given by Dr. Josef Stutz. He is disgusted by American society and those who lord it over those with problems. He also thinks that there are those who prey on obese people.

Overall he thinks that for sick obese people America is not an easy place to be.

“Lipedema Can Be Life-Threatening: Increased Rates of Suicide, Depression and Eating Disorders”

Stay away from diet-mongers and abusers. [staying away from them ]  will help a Lipedemic person’s health and mental health.

…stay away from people who will abuse you telling you that special regiments, and diets will be cure alls. Nothing is good enough to those type of people so when you say you eat 1800 calories a day they will say it has to be 1200, and call you a liar.

…how many Lipedemic women suffered … being called liars and being told to diet while being misdiagnosed even for decades.

There are many people out there abusing sick and vulnerable people. Some are doing it for profits.

Look at all of what he has to say.