My experience with the medical community is that even though they should know better, they are the first to fat shame you. They love to lecture you on “you need to take up jogging like I do” and “it’s all about the carbs” and “a calorie is a calorie is a calorie”.

Well, maybe they aren’t to blame. Medical school is still teaching the same old thing. Read this quote:

“Instructors do not teach it [Lipedema] in medical school, and less than three percent of physicians are aware of it. It mimics obesity in the arms and legs… It only gets worse over time, leading to permanent damage. Treatment is complicated, too. Many doctors do not offer it, and insurance companies often do not cover it.” from:

Here’s another quote:

“Lipedema primarily occurs in the legs, specifically the anterior thighs, knees and ankles,” explains surgeon, Dr. David Amron. “It develops the appearance of tree-like, column-like legs with disproportionate fat storage and a lot of non-pitting edema, or excess swelling. Obesity is being overweight, and fat legs may just be a part of genetic disproportion, but with lipedema, there’s also prominence of swelling, and again, that sort of column-like look to the leg.”