Sometimes we fat shame ourselves. We’re embarrassed about our size and we feel like it’s our fault so we don’t push to get a solution to our problem.

Even though many of us know that we eat less than many of our skinny friends and we know we’re more active than a lot of the people we know, we’re embarrassed to demand from our doctor the information we need to take care of our weight problem.

If you had an enormous rash covering your body, you’d feel justified in getting in your doctor’s face about it. We wouldn’t accept a doctor saying: “well, it must be a problem with your willpower.”

Or, “well, if you would just get to the gym more…”. You’d walk out of that office and you’d never go back. You might curse him/her out as you slam the door behind you.

So, why do we feel unempowered when we go to the doctor regarding our weight? We accept doctors when they tell us it’s our fault. If you came down with brain cancer, would they have the nerve to tell you it’s your fault?

Don’t be embarrassed about asking for medical treatment for your condition.