It’s all around us. Fat shaming is a national passtime. It’s all your fault. You eat the wrong things. You lay around lazy and slothful. All you eat is cakes and cookies and bon-bons. You inhabit fast-food joints and you’ve never eaten a salad in your life. (Most of the time these judges never bother to ask you what you actually consume and what kind of exercise you do.)

If you’ve given up, get back in the groove of eating healthy and getting exercise. Maybe the reason you’re big is not related to food or exercise, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat as healthy as skinny people (who love to flaunt their svelte-ness in your face). Inside we’re all the same. I mean deep down inside in your muscles, organs, etc. Take care of your health.

I’d like to point it that it’s rude to say to a person with bucked teeth that “your parents are to blame for letting  you suck your tongue” and it’s rude to mention that a person’s breath is unbearable and it’s rude to say “your collar bone that’s almost sticking out of your skin is making me sick.” But if you let someone know they need a few pounds, you’re just helping them out, doing them a favor. Because everyone knows the best way to get someone to lose a few pounds is to: fat shame them!

Anyway, I wanted to show you how fat shaming is everywhere. No wonder we feel bad about ourselves. So, these images (which I refused to purchase) show how someone took their own time to design these insulting images. Blame, blame, blame. And not one iota of sympathy.


Don’t get the wrong idea. Whether your thyroid is malfunctioning or you suffer from Lipedema (see my blog post) the weight is doing damage to your body. No matter the reason for the extra pounds, your joints feel it. Sometimes even though what you eat doesn’t affect your weight, it doesn’t mean you aren’t borderline Diabetic.

And this is why I want people to investigate why they’re overweight. Keep reading this blog and you’ll learn a lot about how certain diseases masquerade as obesity.

Above all, be careful of trusting your doctor when it comes to obesity. If what they say doesn’t sound right, go to another doctor that specializes in Endocriminology or types of edema, etc.

And right here I want to point out that I had a friend who had Multiple Sclerosis and had blown up like a balloon due to a certain type of edema. So, beware. Those extra pounds could be a symptom of something other than pigging out!