We all have heard the term “edema”, that simply means someone is retaining fluids. What, most likely, you have never heard of is a disease called Lipedema that makes people appear grossly obese, however, the condition has nothing at all to do with being fat.

Before I tell you more about what Lipedema is, I want to point out that the disease Lymphedema is not the same as Lipedema. When you ask about the condition or want to read about the condition, be sure you Google the correct term. You will find that most health workers are very familiar with Lymphedema, but most do not know much about Lipedema.

Lipedema is a chronic disease that occurs mainly in the hips and legs. (Although there are many people who have Lipedema in their upper arms.)

Although many American doctors are beginning to understand the condition, this condition has been known about in Europe for quite a while. In fact, when I found out about this condition, two years ago, the only doctors who had done research on it were in Europe and there was one lone doctor in Arizona.

Now, however, several clinics have opened up in the U.S. That means for those people who assumed they’d have to walk around with enormous amounts of cellulite-looking fat covering their hips and legs can be treated and can ultimately be svelte and normal-looking.

So, you’re wondering how you can tell if you or a friend has Lipedema. It’s pretty easy to spot once you understand how Lipedema sufferers look on the outside.

First, it’s hereditary and it’s pretty much only women who suffer from it.

Second, the Lipedema is found in certain areas of the body and not in others.

So, let’s just look at some pictures of Lipedema sufferers.


How many times have we walked by someone who looks like this and we think – how much does that person eat to look like that? Well, no matter how much a person with Lipedema diets or exercises it will not affect their weight.

In fact, many Lipedema sufferers have been referred by their doctors to have Bariatric surgery. After this painful procedure, there is no change in weight because the person wasn’t fat in the first place!

Frustrating, huh! What’s frustrating is that the medical community has been so slow to react to this curable condition.

But, as all weight sufferers know, everyone loves to blame. The person’s big so they must eat too much.

Let’s look at some more Lipedema sufferers. This lady has Lipedema in her upper arms.


No matter how much these women go to the gym or limit their intake of food, their arms will not change.

Let’s look a little more closely at what Lipedema is under the skin. There is a distinct difference between Lipedema and fat. Take a look at this:


This image is from: lipedemajourney.blogspot.com 

This image shows normal fat and Lipedema fat. Actually the Lipedema fat is fat cells that are filled with liquid and shouldn’t be called fat.

What’s more is that Lipedema must be treated. These are the stages of Lipedema:


This image is taken from gofundme.com. The sufferer is trying to get money to get treatment.

I won’t go into all of the hazards of having Lipedema, but I have read from reliable sources that suffers can die of Sepsis. But don’t take my word for it. Google Lipedema and find out more about the condition.